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Bill Kaysing is for real no hype here. all his ideas are great including food ideas for a simple diet. eating cheap & healthy is the most practical thing i have come across. smiles all the way to my next camp. any help you need on the 'next' book just ask. sand

sand e.

August 8

Dear Sand-

Thank you so much for your kind words about my father, Bill Kaysing--yes, he was a great inspiration to many people who desired to live a more authentic life and one without the influence of corporate advertisers or mass producers. My dad preferred to actually go out and live life rather than watch some watered down semblence of it on TV (which he referred to as "the devil box"). So, basically, he lived what he wrote!

Thank you again for your kind words.

Best wishes,

Wendy L. Kaysing
(Originally posted on March 5, 2011

August 8

About the robin hood handbook

Hello, I have a copy of the robinhood handbook but it is missing pages in the beginning. I have page x but then it goes to page 11. I would really like to know what were on these pages that were ripped out of the book I've obtained. Perhaps you or someone has a copy and would be willing to take photos of the pages I am missing and send them to me? I would greatly appreciate it! Let me know :)


December 27

unfortunately I have not that particular book, hope somebody is able to help Jessica to read all the book.
jessicafaith90 at gmail dot com


January 4

Bill Kaysing, a great man

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I do strongly believe we went to the moon; however, Kaysing strikes me as such a honest and nice man. I saw his letter to Jim Lovell and his quotes about honesty. Bill comes across as the kind of guy who was just so happy with his life, and I admire that to no end. It's a shame that the world lost the great Bill Kaysing (disregarding his views on apollo.) He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Bill.

Vincent McConnell

July 13

Just few words.
I substantially agree with you. Bill Kaysing was a great man far beyond the moon hoax controversy. He was, and I like to say is, a true American, embodying the spirit of free man, whose teachings and lifestyle should be taught in schools to young Americans and Europeans.


July 16

Your dad was amazing
great hot springs of the west is a true gift.  he was ahead of his time.
chris and sue

chris e.

June 15

Dear Chris and Sue-
I just received this email via Albino Guluppini (creator of Bill Kaysing Tribute Site).
Your names sound very familiar--did we correspond a few months ago?  Either way, I appreciate your kind words re my dad Bill Kaysing--yes he was amazing...he was very intelligent and interested in darn near everything!  He looked at life as a great adventure--he was unstoppable in his search for truth and the appreciation of life!
Again, thank you for the acknowlegement, espcially coming around Father's Day...I have been thinking of him and all the books he wrote that have helped inspire people around the world.
Best wishes,

June 16

Jack Davis Memory of Bill

Hello other friends of Bill. My name is Jack Davis and I knew and loved Bill. I first met him in the late 1970's at Aries Arts, my Ma and Pa Hippy Import business in Capitola , CA.. I have recall of Bill and my father, Thomas Jefferson Davis, debating sometimes heatedly over the veracity sf Bill's claims. As avid astronomers Bill and I had occasion to take out my large aperture telescopes and observe "La Luna". Sure enough, Bill said, "Well my son, here is Mare Serenetatis" No lunar lander there, eh!" I tried to explain the physics of telescopy and light  propogation but Bill
wouldn't budge! (Love ya Bill! I've been to Lick Observatoy shifted the Sha ne reflecting telescope and DIRECTLY seen the laser retroflectorthediscussion then turned to hot springs of the eastern Sierra Nevada and the love and respect was instant. I Recall packing many copies of Bill's books for "Tom Davis Books" to get us thru (family) school and many lively conversations. Bill shall always Bill will always be an inspriration. His love of the creation of ALL forms life is greatest gift  any of us can recieve. J.D

Jack Davis

March 2

Dear Jack,
Your name sounds so familiar --I am sure he mentioned you to me.  I also knew a Jack Davis in Hawaii (the Big Island) in 1993.  Is that you by any chance?
Thank you so much for your kind words and the little bit of "history" about my father.  Yes,  visiting hot springs (especially around California and Nevada) was  my dad's favorite activity--besides writing of course!
My dad truly was a great inspiration to many people who desired to live a more authentic life and one without the influence of corporate advertisers or mass producers.  My dad preferred to actually go out and live life rather than watch some watered down semblence of it on TV (which he referred to as "the devil box"). So, basically, he lived what he wrote!
He was a true adventurer, a poet, a philosopher, a great writer, and also a talented harmonica player! I will miss him for his positive spirit, youthful energy, and his unfailing enthusiam for life.   
Thank you again for your kind words.

March 3

Question on First-time Farmer's Guide

What a wonderful tribute site for your father. I enjoyed it very much.

I am a gardener, a garden writer and a small publisher who is starting her own magazine. I have loved the book "First-time Farmer's Guide" for many years. It is delightful! I'm writing because I would like to know how to obtain reprint rights for a seed collage image on page 69. I checked to see if this book was still under copyright  through the U. S. Copyright Office and saw that it was not, but I am not 100% sure if that information is correct. Even if the work is in the public domain, I would like to give proper credit to your father and the artist who created the collage. I could not find the name of the artist in the book.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated ( Even if it is in the public domain, I would like to send you a few copies of the issue with the image in it upon publication.)

my blog and websites are: www.greenwomanzine.com and www.greenwomanmagazine.com

Thank you!

Sandra Knauf

February 20

Hello Sandra-
I am the eldest daughter of Bill Kaysing--
He bequeathed his book rights to all his books to me, at least to the rights he had not previously sold.
Unfortunately, I do not have a complete list of what books rights I actually own.  I need to research that--however, i am almost certain that First Time Farmer's Guide belongs to me and my sister.   In the mean time, if this is a one time use okay...you have my permission, but if you want to use text you will have to ask me again.
Wendy L. Kaysing

February 20

Moon Landings Exposed by Bill Kaysing.

I really admire Bill Kaysing. He wasn't afraid to tell the Truth. From everything I heard about him he is a Great Man.
Was Bill related in any way to the American Indians?
I was just curious about his name, it seems like an american indian name.

rich b.

February 11

Hi Rich,

I just received your email re my father Bill Kaysing. Albino Galuppini forwarded your message to me today.

My father was an exceptional person. He had a very high IQ, and was a avid reader and researcher. He liked to question the status quo, goverment activities, and especially the moon question, and also the IRS --which he believed was unconstitutional. I wish we had spent more time together while he was alive, but I lived very far from him for most of my adult life. He always wrote me letters, assuring me of his love for me however. I wish I could have done more for him in his last few months...I thought he was going to live a lot longer! He had a positive attitude right to the end...one of his last sentences was "I'm on to the next great adventure."

He was not native American...he was half English (father) and half Austraian (mother).
The name is either English or possibly a corruption of a German name (that came to England with the Germans centuries ago). I should look it up.

Well, hope you are well. Thank you for your kind words about my dad. He was a great man who loved life, believed everyone should be free to live how they wanted (without hurting anyone!) --he was very compassionate, and the only thing that got him angry was seeing/knowing that someone was being cruel to another human being. He did not like war for that reason.

Best wishes,

Wendy L. Kaysing

February 12

I knew Bill

I worked briefly with Bill on MOONFRAUD....and I met and spoke with him personally on his boat at the Berkeley Yacht Harbor. I was at the JPL during the so called "small step for man, giant step for mankind"...Bill was a Quester for the Truth...God bless him wherever he may be.

Robert H.

July 23